Foot Spa

Foot Spa 2.0.0

Make over a foot with a range of beauty treatments

Foot Spa is a game in which you get to perform foot makeovers.

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  • Range of different foot treatments
  • Choice of three feet
  • Simple to pick up and play with
  • Save or email finished treatments


  • No Facebook sharing option
  • It's possible to skip through without washing the feet, making this step irrelevant
  • Lack of sound effects


Foot Spa is a game in which you get to perform foot makeovers.

Put your best foot forward

The idea of Foot Spa is to perform a makeover on a lady's foot to make it look as beautiful as possible.

Foot Spa gives you a choice of three different feet on which to perform treatments. Once you've chosen a foot, you start by cleaning it with soap and water then move on to remove the old nail polish.

Once you're done (in fact even if you skip the previous steps) you can start beautifying the toe nails. There's a wide range of different nail polish colors to choose from, with two brush thicknesses. Alternatively, you can choose from preset patterns. After painting, you can add small studs or drawings to the nail.

Foot Spa also lets you add tattoos and flowers to adorn the feet, before giving you a choice of flip-flops to put on the foot.

Foot Spa is not a game in the sense that you aren't judged on the quality of your treatments, though it is possible to mail the finished foot to your friends, or save the picture to your phone.

Fancy footwork

Unforntunately there's no in-game help or info in Foot Spa, so it's up to you to figure out what to do yourself. Luckily, it's all very straightforward and it's pretty obvious how to interact with the tools in each part of the treatment.

Some of the items in Foot Spa, such as the shower head, towel and nail clippers can be picked up and moved around by holding and dragging your finger. Painting is done by selecting a color then dragging your finger over the nail. 

Sound and vision

The graphics in Foot Spa are OK, and although the feet are drawn in a cartoon style, the effects of your treatments are satisfying and clear to see.

The music in Foot Spa is melodic and relaxing, fitting the mood of the game perfectly and making you feel at peace! The game has no sound effects though, and this would help to add a bit more atmosphere to it.

The verdict

Foot Spa will appeal to young girls, especially fans of similar games, such as Princess Salon, Princess Makeover, or Toca Hair Salon. It doesn't add much to the makeover game genre, though, and Foot Spa can get boring quite quickly.

Foot Spa


Foot Spa 2.0.0

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